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This page was last updated: June 23, 2017
I am happy to announce the Augusta Baptist Association will be starting an Associational Young Adult  Ministry to reach young adults ages 18-25.  We will be planning some monthly events to get connected and have some fun and participate in ministry projects. We hope this new ministry will enhance and support the young adult ministry of our individual churches in much the same way as our Associational Senior Adult Ministry and Associational Youth Ministry.

To get this new ministry going, please send me 2 contact lists: One list would be a “human resource list” – who in your church works with young adults, cares about young adults, or who has skills like music, cooking, outreach, decorating, planning? Who in your church should be our “contact” person for this ministry? The Second List would be a contact list of your young adults, ages 18-25. This would include your recent high school graduates. They may be college bound or not. They may be living at home or not. We want to reach out to anyone in that age group, whether they are students or not.

In this first month (June) I want to create a Young Adult Ministry Team of older and younger adults who will give ideas and be a part of planning this new ministry. Before the summer is out, I want to have our first Young Adult Event where we can have some fun and get to know one another.

I will be happy to talk with you personally about your concerns and hopes for this ministry. This is a pivotal age when those raised in church decide whether or not to make faith in Christ Jesus their own and how to live out that faith. We hope this ministry will help Young Adults find and strengthen their commitment to live for Jesus.

Kim Davis
Director of ABA Young Adult Ministry