On Tuesday, October 24, 45 delegates, from 23 churches, met at Goshen Bridge and organized the Augusta Baptist Association. Twenty-four churches from the counties of Allegheny, Augusta, Bath, Rockbridge, and Rockingham formed the Association, 10 of the churches coming from the Valley Association and 14 from the Albemarle Association. The Virginia Baptist Historical Society provides this list.
1. Arnold's Way 13. Mt. Crawford
2. Bridgewater   14. Newport
3. Covington      15. Natural Bridge
4. Deerfield       16. Neriah
5. Goshen Bridge     17. New Hope
6. Hamilton's            18. Sharon
7. Harrisonburg 19. South Bottom
8. Healing Springs    20. Singers Glen
9• Horeb          21 • Staunton
10. Kerr's Creek       22. Turleytown
11- Laurel Hill   23. Williamsville
12. Lexington   24. Waynesboro

The largest church was Staunton, with 415 members; the second largest was Sharon, with 124; the third was Lexington, with 107. All the other churches had fewer than 100; 11 had fewer than 50. The host church, Goshen Bridge, had 74. Total membership in all the churches of the new Association was about 1,700.

Second meeting of Augusta Association, held at Laurel Hill.
Fourth meeting of Association, held at Mt. Crawford.
No annual meeting because of infantile paralysis. Quarantine in several counties.
Moderator made recommendation to discontinue printing minutes of Association, since the churches were "paying practically no attention to this matter" and the Association was "steadily growing in debt each year."
Treasurer reported balance on hand of $4.73.
Report of state Mission Board: Association contributed $2,813 to Board, received       $6,000 from Board. "Brethren, this ought not to be."
Report from Temperance Committee:
"Are the educated, the refined, the cultured, the home-loving people, the               American people, going to be fooled by the insidious damnable and treacherous           propaganda that the brewers and their ilk are giving out in the country under the            camouflage of the sheep in a wolf's skin? Shall we let them get back the                      privilege, selling wine and beer? No! Never ••.! The liquor traffic in any guise,         under any pretext, shall not return! Never again! Never again!"
Report of Executive Committee:
"We are passing through unusual times and the conditions surrounding our churches are not unlike those in any other phase of our lives."
First summer assembly for Baptist Young People held during Baptist Week at Massanetta August 1-6.
Report of WMU:
"Upon the brow of Laurel Hill we place a laurel wreath in recognition of the        achievement of being the only church in the Association to maintain a Standard        union for seven consecutive years."
Report of Executive Committee:
"We deplore the fact that some of our church treasurers do not remit
funds each month. For nine months of the year money for the Cooperative       Program came in so slowly that we wondered whether some of the churches had        ever made their Every Member canvass. Nearly half the money was sent in at the       close of the year. Is this as it should be?"
Report of B. Y. P. U.:
"All delegates are expected to bring lunch [to the convention]. Brother Hutton and
his associates will furnish drinks that will meet the approval of all gcx:xJB.aptist."
Report of Sunday School: Resolution adopted "that our Sunday Schools elect as        superintendents and officers only those persons known to be dry •.••"
Treasurer reported receiving $97.72 from churches.
Report of Pastor-Church Committee:
"Every church ...has an efficient pastor, And so far as the Committee knows        there is not one pastorless church in any association where they have a live,              wide awake pastor church committee."
"Mr. Frank Crump, our beloved treasurer, made a brief report on the finances..."       "Rev. W. L. Walters •••in his humorous way, introduced the visiting brethren ••••"
Report on the state of the Churches:
23 of 38 churches are being assisted by the state Mission Board.
Some meetings were called off due to the gas situation.
Voted to employ a Missionary Pastor for the Augusta Baptist Association, splitting the cost with the state Mission Board. Voted to raise per member giving to 25 cents.
Report of Executive Committee:
Rev. Scott C. Hutton, Sr., was elected Associational Missionary at October,       1946,meeting at Lexington. "The committee, however, meeting in February at       Staunton agreed with Brother Hutton that due to lack of house and severity of       weather he should begin his work June 1, instead of February 1, 1947. "
Address by Rev. Hutton: "Your Associational Missionary."
Address by Rev. Hutton: "Launching an Offensive."
Report from Cbmmittee on New Churches:
Recommendation to receive Fulks Run.
Report from Steering Cbmmittee:
Recommended that Augusta Association "free our DOM from too much                       widespread responsibility that he may concentrate on establish new churches at       Elkton, Grottoes, Fishersville, and Waynesboro."
Report of Executive Committee:
"During the past year Mr. Hutton has given his services untiringly, in an effort to
assist the pastorless churches in locating pastors. We are glad to say that many of our fields are now being served by efficient and effective men, and on the whole
the work in the Association looks most encouraging."
Church at Greenville re-opened, lots purchased in Waynesboro and Fishersville for missions, Singers Glen and Broadway planning to call full-time pastors, prayer
meetings and preaching services being held at Elkton and Grottoes by Associational
Report of the Sunday School Convention:
"The program was carried out as printed with the exception of one subject,          "Sunday School and the Home" by Rev. J. H. Pentecost, who failed to get to the       Convention on account of an automobile accident."
Sunday School Report:
The Secretary was unable to finish the report because of illness.
Address by Rev. Scott Hutton, Sr., on "My Second Year As Your Associational Missionary.
Report on Reception of New Churches:
Three new churches received into Association: Grottoes, Fishersville, and            Shenandoah Heights.
Report of Executive Committee:
Scott Hutton, DOM, with counsel and approval of the Committee was successful
in securing worthy pastors for 7 churches.
Rev. Scott Hutton left office of Missionaryof the Augusta Association to       become pastor of Fishersville Baptist Church.
"The Baptist Hour" on WSVA sponsored by the Association for 13 weeks, but dropped for lack of donations to meet expenses.
Evangelism Committee reported 13,500 unsaved in territory of 24 churches.
Report of Executive Committee:
"After serious consideration and lengthy discussion, the majority of the churches
in the counties of Allegheny, Bath, and Rockbridge believe that the work of Christ        would be implemented and the Baptist witness be made stronger by the                      formation of churches of these counties."
Voted to dismiss these churches from the Augusta Baptist Association effective
Friday, December 31, 1954, for the purpose of forming a new association,
1. Horeb
2. Glasgow
3. Covington
4. Calvary
5. Goshen
6. Cliften Forge
7. Healing Springs
8. Iron Gate
9. Sharon
10. Trinity
11. Kerr's Creek
12. New Hope
13. Buffalo
14. Neriah
15. Woodland
16. Manley Memorial
17. Natural Bridge
18. Arnold's Valley
19. Lone Star
20. Buena Vista

Treasurer reported balance on hand May 4, 1954 of $524.71.

Report of Executive Committee:
"The ProIlDtion Committee has been investigating locations for new missions in         theAssociation, especially in the Waynesboro Staunton
New Work committee reported the "formation of a team to visit the churches of the Association and present the work of the Association and to promote fellowship
among the churches."
Treasurer reported balance on hand of $338.08.
Treasurer reported balance on hand of $14.30.
Formation of Joint New Work Corrunitteeof the Baptist Churches of Waynesboro: "Born out of much prayer and earnest consultation, this committee was established by vote of three churches to direct the establishing of such mission points and churches as shall be determined to be needed for strengthening our Baptist contribution to
the cause of Christ in Waynesboro."
Year of the two annual meetings after voting to change the meeting from May to October.
Report of Liaison Committee for Baptist Student Union and Augusta Association:
Miss Shirley Roundtree full-time at Madison College.
    "Mrs N. S. Oliver made a motion that an offering be taken and be given to the
Student center in Harrisonburg to reduce the indebtedness on the fuel bill." An
offering of $48.70 was received.
Report of the New Work Corrunittee:
A Baptist family at Mt. Sidney had inquired about the possibility of establishing a
Baptist church in an abandoned Lutheran church building. After a religious           census indicated only three Baptist families were interested, the project was        abandoned.
An Associational Church Music Festival was held March 3 at Laurel Hill with an attendance of 425, 272 participants, and 14 choirs.
Report of Stewardship Committee Chairman,
Rev. David Mefford: "We are unusually blessed in Augusta with capable and         willing leadership. However, there are limits ...
If our churches were giving 3% of their income to Associational Missions ...think
       of what might be accomplished with such a budget. "
Report of New Work Committee:
Name changed to Missions Committee.
Committee studying feasibility of new work at New Market.
First Student Union report made to Association, presented by Miss Isabelle Kost, BSU Director of Madison College.
Report of Missions Committee:
Studied possibility of starting new work at New Market, but deferred for lack of        funds.
Voted "that the Association now in session request the Executive Cbmmittee to act as a committee to study the needs for a superintendent of missions in our Association and the feasibility of sufficiently providing for the same, and ...bring back ...a recommendation ..."
BSU reported that Miss Isabelle Kost had resigned as BSU Director of Madison
College after 8 years of service.
Rev. Archer G. Turner welcomed to Association as BSU Director.
Changed Fran Kerfoot's Parliamentary Law to Robert's Rules of Order.
Report of Special Cbmmittee to Study the Need of an Associational Missionary:
"After three meetings of the committee, talking with Dr. Phillip Rodgerson,            pastors, and laymen, I cannot say there was any overwhelming response in                 anyone direction.
We recommend that this Association request the Home Mission Board to come            into the Shenandoah Valley and make a survey of this area and as a result of this        survey our Association will determine the need of having an Associational                     Missionary or not .... "
Executive Cbmmittee decided to publish Associational newsletter.
Voted to appoint special ccmmittee "for exploring the possibility of developing
an Adult Education Center within the Augusta Baptist Association using the combined facilities of the Seminary Extension Department and Blue Ridge College. "
Special report on migrant work:
WMS of Bridgewater Baptist Church is sponsoring a Bible school-nursery for                preschool-age migrant children at Broadway Baptist Church with help from                   Broadway WMS and Singers Glen WMS .
Brotherhood reported providing lay speakers for Lost City and Goshen and a lay minister at Afton Chapel.
Executive Committee reported on the Community in-Crisis Project in Bridgewater area,undertaken by Bridgewater Baptist Church, approved by Association, and funded by the Home Mission Board.
As a result of the Shenandoah Valley survey,
Executive Committee sturlying possibility of securing a missionary in cooperation with
Shenandoah Baptist Association .
Voted to buy a bus for the BSU.
Association sponsored a pilot lay evangelism school at Calvary Baptist Church.
Missions Committee requested $3,000 from Home Missions Board for a pilot program in Broadway area for migrant children.
Voted to change constitution to include as officer Associational missionary.
Brotherhood reported helping with Baptist work in Panhandle of West Virginia.
Moderator expressed appreciation for the help churches have given to First Baptist, Elkton, especially Harrisonburg.
Eleven churches made reports to the Association on their special missions or
ministries .
100th Anniversary of Augusta Association. Regular meeting held on October 19.
Centennial Celebration held on Sunday, October 24, also at Laurel Hill. Presentation of church banners. Slide programs on the churches. Dr. Randall Lolley: "Let the Church Stand Up."
Evangelism Committee invited to Greater Shenandoah Agricultural Fair at Eastside Speedway: Showed Billy Graham film, manned literature table, served ice water, and gave out tracts.
No Associational annual. Material sent to printer in Texas, but lost.
Voted to establish an Associational office.
BSU reported that several students supplied the pulpit all year for Naked Creek Baptist Church in Elkton.
Augusta Baptist Associational office opened at 1101 N. Augusta st., Staunton, on May 22, with Mrs. Lucy Crookshanks as secretary.
Disaster Coordinator reported plan was available to the area in case needed.
First Missionary Appointment Service held in Association at First Baptist Church, Waynesboro, on December 9, 1980.
Moderator announced churches had contributed over $150,000 to Cooperative
Program, thus entitling Association to 2 representatives to VBGB.
Moderator reported that Mike and Marie Palmer had been employed jointly with VBGB to work full-time in the migrant camps. Moderator reported that at the present time there are no churches in the Association receiving pastoral aid .
Executive Committee directed moderator to appoint committee to consider formation of an Associational council.
Voted to name the newly built BSU Center in Harrisonburg the William Bonner BSU Center.
Fall meeting held at new BSU Center .
Spring meeting held on Saturday night to kickoff World Missions Conference, 22 of 26 churches participating .
Voted to finance the trip of an Arabic pastor to Harrisonburg to look at the potential of an Arabic Baptist ministry--at the request of Director of Metropolitan Missions of VBGB.
Approved recommendation from Council for a mission demographic study.
Approved recommendation from BSU that up to $5,000 be allotted for a campus ministr intern.
PROBE survey conducted in spring.
Treasurer's report:
Mr. Samuel Judson Ramsey set up a trust to be used by his wife until her              death, at which time it is to be distributed equally between Lexington              Presbyterian and Augusta Baptist Association--strictly for missions .
     Treasurer reported trust to be $42,471.23, plus 661 shares of Planters Bank              stock.
Long-range goals:
1-To start 5 churches or mission stations within 5 years.
2-To obtain a DOM by 1994.
3-To continue partnership relations through VBGB and Foreign Mission Board.
Recognized Mrs. Lucy Crookshanks, who resigned as Associational office secretary after serving for over 10 years.
No evening message at annual meeting; churches presented their various ministries.
Nominating Committee charged with filling offices of Bold Mission Thrust Coordinator and Launching the Nineties Coordinator.
Brotherhood reported sending team to assist after Hurricane Hugo.
Missions Committee reported:
Association sponsored two teams to Tanzania-- an evangelism team and a construction team-- 13 people.
Association sponsored PRAXIS team to work in Stuarts Draft area.
World Missions Conference.
Announced Cookie caper and Read the Bible through in '92.
1-Starting 5 new churches or mission stations or teaching stations.
2-Having in place a DOM.
3-Increasing participation of all churches in Association work.
Partnership Missions with Mexico City, Hungary, and Costa Rica.
Brotherhood reported 21 men participating in recovery efforts after Hurricane Andrew in Florida.
BSU reported new BSU at Mary Baldwin, in addition to those at JMU, Bridgewater College, Blue Ridge Community College, and EMC.
Association voted 50-19 to call a DOM .
Archie Turner recognized for 25 years of service as BSU Director.
Committee revising constitution and by-laws .
ASSISTeam training workshops for Sunday School teachers.
VBS enrollment - 1,990.
9th annual Single Adult Extravaganza at Fishersville.
Youth participating in True Love Waits,
Rally Around the Flagpole, and Lock-out.
1,550 dozen cookies sent to military personnel in Mediterranean at Christmas.
DOM Search Committee accepting resumes, hoping to have DOM in place by mid-1995.
Mission efforts by members of churches to Hungary, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico City,
and Green Valley Baptist Church in Lebanon, VA.
Augusta Association sent 22 volunteers on Partnership Missions efforts this year
New Partnership Missions between Virginia and Pennsylvania/New Jersey to begin 1995.
Korean Baptist Church began using BSU facilities in Harrisonburg for Sunday morning
worship services October 1.
Russian congregation meeting at West Side Baptist Church in Harrisonburg.
Budget for 1994-95 - $71,863.
CUrrent Fund Balance - $47,429.21.
Total other Funds - $117.547.55 .

Our Story As Told Through Highlights
Thanks to Joan Everhart's "Of Saints and Sweet Potatoes"
Unofficial, Unauthorized and Completely Unorthodox History of the Augusta Baptist Association.